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Taishan Petrochemical Company
Xinhui District Fuel Oil Co., Ltd.
Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical Group
Dongguan Baibai Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd.
Sino-refinery Zhanjiang Project
Distribution Network Infrastructure Quota for Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Co., Ltd
Construction Power Engineering Project of Xicheng Campus of Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology
Shuidong Oil Depot Reconstruction and Expansion Project for Maoming Branch of Xinyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. of China National Aviation Fuel Group Petroleum Co.,Ltd.
Kaiping Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supply Company
Shenzhen Port Chiwan Harbour District Oil Base Work Ship Wharf Project
Jinwan LNG
Zhongshan Tianfu Petrochemical
China National Petroleum Corporation
Dongzhou International Petrochemical
Foshan Natural Gas High Pressure Pipe Network Co., Ltd. Power Distribution Project
Zhongshan Natural Gas Substation Project
Nanhai West Oil Hezhong Offshore Construction Company



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